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Hide Up. Forum Settings Forums. Where Do You Get H-games? Recent Watched Translated h games Search Forum. I live in Canada and I don't know a lick of Japanese. I tried Googling it and I only got games that don't have an english translation. Help would be much appreciated. Awhile back then they first started supposedly their english translation and grammer were terrible. Think they may have fixed it by now, but i'm not sure.

Well I know DLsite. But if you search hard enough on Hongfire you some has probably bought them and are disturbing them for free. The really popular ones from big circles usually all ways get distributed. It doesn't think, it doesn't feel, it doesn't laugh or cry All it does from dusk till dawn is make the soldiers die. How many of you actually learn how to date women through these things? LOL XD. Click on this.

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I dare you. RWBY is anime.

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Deal with it. Visionaries are always mocked by fools. KyuuAL said: How many of you actually learn how to date women through these things? They recently just got Sengoku Rance. Oh by the way, I actually think that it's worth the dollars they're charging. Hongfire also has a lot of torrents, along with links to mods and translations. One question. Why would you want a H game? My ever-suffering fiance has no problem with me watching them. Baman said: cncfan said: One question.

Shamelessly inserting my reviews.

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Maybe a day Or 4 hours maybe. Cyz said: Maybe a day Or 4 hours maybe. Saitoe Offline ed: Apr Posts: Sephor Offline ed: Feb Posts: Sweet, thanks. Jigero Offline ed: Sep Posts: BBCode It doesn't think, it doesn't feel, it doesn't laugh or cry As to MangaGamer, their original translations were absolutely horrible, this is true.

However excluding their original games, all their other games have either a passable or good translation. They do not have translated h games products, just digital downlo. I would suggest trying out their free demo of KiraKira, it's translation isn't one of their best but it has no major issues, and KiraKira is arguably one of the best visual novels to see an official translation.

JastUSA is the other major company that releases official visual novels, and they will send out a physical product. LOL XD Most translated H games are either visual novels with an enjoyable story go try the KiraKira free demo which are no more "dating sims" than a harem anime would be, or porn heavy which has similar goals as other porn.

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There are so called "dating sims" type games that one thinks of when they hear the term, but they make up a small percent of visual novels. Baman Offline ed: Feb Posts: I don't think anyone plays Artificial Girl or Sexy beach for anything but the H, but if it's VNs like the Type Moon titles or Saya no Uta where all translated h games get of H is a bit of scenes at the end of the routes or something, you're obviously playing it for the story. She's actually the one who recommended I play some of these to pass the time while she's gone.

As a joke most likely. Tachii Offline ed: Jun Posts: Even that seems totally random though. The only ero I've played and completed is Utawarerumono, and the scenes was pretty much unnecessary. I dunno if they were attempting erotic scenes or attempting some love scenes. Either way, it brought the story down, imo.

BBCode Shamelessly inserting my reviews. Cyz Offline ed: Jan Posts: Cyz said: Maybe a day Or 4 hours maybe That's a long time for a visual "novel".

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Tutorial on Text Hooking and Translating an H-Game