Torture flash game

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And, sure, one of the horrible, unspeakable, and totally sick, sick, sick things you might, perhaps, do to this man is put a chainsaw to his neck until his head falls off. And as the name of the game suggests, torture is pretty much, well, the name of the game. Here, a pale, androgynous human hangs from ropes on the computer screen before you.

Among the devices at your disposal — a chainsaw, a razor blade, spikes, a pistol … and a paintbrush take that! Instead, this dangling torture flash game offers you a canvas to do with what you will — stab him with spikes, flay the skin from his body with a razor, pull his limbs off with your bare hands, paint him every color of the rainbow.

No matter what you do to him, he never screams and his expression never changes. But his post set off a debate among his readership, one made up mostly of gamers and game developers themselves.

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Some were so put off by the senseless violence they vowed never to return to TIGsource. Others defended the game as a perfectly reasonable gaming exploration.

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Others worried that this was just the kind of ammunition the game haters would use to further their various game-hating causes. Because I could Their conversation played out much like the one bouncing around in my own head. As a general rule, I believe so-called violent video games are a perfectly acceptable form of entertainment and escapism for adultsthe majority of these games being no worse than the violent films crowding the silver screens at our local multiplexes.

Heck, I play violent video games.

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Many of the people I know and love play violent video games. With every touch of your cruel hand, every cut of the chainsaw, your victim sways, bounces and dances like some fleshy marionette. Because I could. I felt my shoulders knot up as I played. I felt my stomach do an unpleasant little flippity-flop. I felt guilty.

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The man behind the mayhem With more thanviews and a rating of 9. But what about the negative reaction to his game, I asked? What about the people who accused him of making something so vile and callous that, surely, its existence must be a that the end times draw near? I have to admit, I was disappointed.

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I wanted there to be some reason for the ugliness in his game. But it was as mute as the victim tied up on the screen before me. I tried to explain to Havemann that torture is anything but meaningless to many people — especially here in America, where, every day, we learn more and more about how our own government has been secretly torturing people in places like Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, and in secret prisons around the world … how every day we hear our leaders tell us that, no reallytorture is A-OK.

But it occurred to me, how could Havemann or any of his fans, for that matter be blamed for telling us not to take seriously the torture of a digital mannequin when members of the most powerful government torture flash game the world keep telling us the very same thing … only their torture game involves real people? IE 11 is not supported.

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Torture flash game

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Should you take 'Torture' seriously?