The deluca family game

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Dislikes: Cold Tea. Dislikes: The Mysterious Six. Dislikes: That one teacher who is Boring and Isabel. Dislikes: The Profaci Family. Dislikes: Boringness. Likes: The DeLuca Family. You are also poisoned, but got better. Antonio has requested your presence in the Boss Room, as it happens, Trino is accused of selling you out and is to be executed.

Representatives of the Fazio Family are vising the manor and your presence is requested at the audience. Your presence will soon be noted in the room.

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Wilfred proceeds to shoot Straffan for disrespecting his Lady and Rutilo intervenes to deescalate and retread while they still have their lives. After night falls, you sneak in the room to check the contracts left there for any clue on your situation. Giacobbe is here to make peace, he offers back payments from shipments and reminisces about the past and his origin story with Cordia. He requests that Cordia do kill his eldest son, and Cordia agrees to it. Jalen then task the deluca family game with talking sense into his sister.

I should gather as much information about the contracts as possible. First step, ask Wilfred. Search online about contracts: use the laptop in your room. Read the paperwork: read the Pacificatori Guidelines and Regulations every night upon sleeping, it takes three nights to finish. Talk to Wilfred again: return to the Consigliere with the newly acquired non-information.

He will ask the player to wait for the new Law Book. Can I have this? Pick up your reward: go to the marked location with Luna to pick the package and deal with the thugs. I should check the hidden recorders. Turns out bees make good wingmen. Watch TV: enter the living room in the afternoon, the sisters will ask you to watch a movie with them.

Check recording: use the laptop to check on the recorder you bought in Story II. Talk to Luna: ask her about what happened in the living room. Luna told me Wilfred took it. Return to Luna: turn in the quest, if you got the knife there will be extra dialogue and groping, otherwise she will just move on.

Learn about ballet: search about it with your laptop and read at night, it takes two nights to finish it.

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The Magic Touch! Have to help her. And observe, of course. Talk to Gracie: meet her in her room in the afternoon to fulfil your promise.

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Ask her about the three options. Check back the recording: wait 3 days and try the laptop again. Talk to Gracie: ask her about the movie. Analise: carefully ponder on the data gathered in the interactions. Check recording: wait yet another 3 days and check the video. Meet Gracie: talk to her in her bedroom at night, ask to hangout with her. This is so troublesome Keep talking: ask Gracie about school and friends then proceed when all questions are finished. Ask Wilfred about wine: in his usual spot, he will promise the wine bottle in exchange for a mission.

Requires: Dancing Clothes Watch movies: talk to Gracie in her room at night, then watch the moves and lewd her. On Day 4, Luna and Grace decided to paint their bathroom with pink paint and explosives.

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Fortunately for you, they now have to use your door-less bathroom. Return to Isabel: meet her at night and have a drink with her. Hopefully, he will lend me a bottle without too much of a hassle.

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The Tactical Knife is originally deed for multipurpose use. This one, however, is only made for combat. A Soldato favorite. Custom made for the DeLuca new soldiers. May not be the most threatening or image defining piece of cloth, but it does make you harder to spot at night. A pair of yellow pants with the DeLuca Sigil. A simple piece of cloth, but the DeLuca sigil will always bring fear. A yellow jacket with the DeLuca Sigil.

A simple long coat. It will protect you from small arms. Your name. Close Submit. Our partners will collect data and use cookies for ad personalization and measurement. Learn how we and our ad partner Google, collect and use data.

The deluca family game

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The DeLuca Family [v]