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Schoolgirl stable whipping. The naughty schoolgirls. Asked to help clear up the stable. For a chance to go horse riding.

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Decide to mess about instead. Stable punishments are harsh. Bare bottom whipping with the riding-whip or the horse crop are common. She was already informed by Miss Janice what was going to happen. Miss Janice also smiled and admitted she would enjoy herself. Using the whippy wand across her young teen bottom cheeks.

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The first stroke was very hard and stung like hell. However young Sabine managed to take it without making a fuss. But this was on 20 minutes into the detention. How any cane strokes would Miss Janice fit into the time remaining. Or would she make a continuance until Monday?

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Friday night. Maybe split in two. That would mean another punishment session on Monday after school. At least it would give her stinging red striped bottom time to heal. This ongoing naughty story takes place in a log cabin. The cabin fits this hobby well. Cindy, who is spanking games tumblr to the bed is now looking up at him as he re his Spanking Magazine.

The subject is caning. She is naked and has a cane balancing across her pert young bottom. Wondering what is going to happen to her. Step Mum spanks him and Step Sis has found the cane in the car. What a naughty little outing. Spanking 3D Art and other spanking pictures taken from my main site spankred3d. In their old school uniforms. Hard Caning for the duration of detention She was already informed by Miss Janice what was going to happen.

Has offered her a choice of corporal punishment instead.

Spanking games tumblr

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