Run and rape games

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Run or Rape is an adult-oriented gaming genre steeped in action platformer roots that usually consists of players avoiding or attacking enemies. This moniker was originally coined by the artistToonPimp. If a player is caught by an enemy or obstacle, the penalty will involve semi-consensual sex acts.

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Although adult acts are a part of these games, they are not intended as pure sexual simulators, being that a ificant part of gameplay is involved, and typically supersedes adult scenes in priority. Even though the genre title is thought to only describe games that contain sexual content in combination with run and rape games away from targets, the genre is often used to describe a of action games that happen to contain sexual content, such as platformers, run 'n gun I.

Contra, Cuphead, et alone on one fighters and beat 'em ups, as well as action-adventure games. Typical elements of this gaming genre include Grappling is usually done by enemies under different circumstances and events. These events are on enemy contact but may sometimes be limited to when armor is broken, health is below a certain amount, or the player 'dies'.

When grappled, the player is tasked with varying activities, depending on game, to break free of the grappling. Failing to do so will usually result in a sexual animation. Most often, this sexual animation can be interrupted by breaking from the grappling, typically by button mashing or pressing a combination of indicated buttons that are onscreen.

Inspired by such games as Ghouls 'n Ghosts, this armor system dons an armor that protects from 'rapes' until a amount is below a certain percentage, where it breaks off and leaves the protagonist vulnerable. Loss of armor depends on an armor value that decreases on taking damage or is tied to the amount of health the player has left.

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Some projects contain a lust systemwith varying degrees of purpose. Some titles I. Pepe le Rapiste [3] use it to make it harder to break free of grapples, but other games may use it for completely different mechanics such as cosmetic effects, such as erections, or general arousal visuals.

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This genre does not include the traditional idea of death as other games do, with some exception. The only actual deaths that are linked to these type of games are exhaustion, vore being eaten alive and strangling. Losing all health is essentially considered losing your endurance to move and defend yourself.

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Run and rape games

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