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Views Downlo 26 File size 68KB. Walkthrough This walkthrough will list the various conversation choices you can make in Sisterly Lust and the consequenc. Walkthrough MindBreak v0. The core of the g. Walkthrough Langkah-langkah ini adalah yang terbaru mulai v0. Walkthrough for Happy Summer 0.

Getting a high score will open new scenes later Everything started on a night when a falling star landed Contents: Spoiler Alert ROB03 The Characters ROB04 Getting Girls ROB06 Gaining Experiance ROB07 The Endings ROB08 The Walkthrough ROB09 The Map ROB11 Thanks To ROB12 Copyright ROB13 Version History ROB14 Spoiler Alert: ROB01 This walkthrough contains ificant spoilers to the game so you should avoid i t if you do not want to know them. How This Guide Works: ROB02 The guide is divided into several sections, each one is flagged for easy locatio n.

The flags are listed in the Contents robozou game and you can use the Search or Find tool in your text file reader to navigate the sections. Throughout the Walkthrough different locations are referred to and these are det ailed in a map in one of the later sections. The Map has a Key and each time a Map locat ion robozou game referred to in the text the key will follow in brackets, e. Your Bedroom 1.

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This game has several endings which occur at different points along its timeline. The ending you get is determined by your actions in the game.

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It is anticipated tha t you will play through the game several times to uncover the various endings and ther e is a 'Memory' section accessable from the title screen that allows you to review the various possible endings. The main text in the walkthrouhg will lead you to the ultimat e sucessful ending. But when your are ready to uncover the alternatives this guide can help with that too. Take a look at the Endings section ROB08 of this guide, don't worry it doesn't give the endings away, and notice that each ending has a Tag associated with it. When this occurs you should ingnore the main text and follo w the actions indicated with the Tag appropriate to the ending you are trying to achei ve.

If there are no Alternative Action Tags you should follow the main text as usual. Handling Save Files: ROB03 It is possible to save your progress through Robozou from within the game. As w ith most Flash applications the game data is saved robozou game a. In the case of R obozou this file is called Robo. The location of the file will differ dependant on your operating system and the location of Robozou. There is only one save slot in the game so each time you save your save file is overwritten. You may want to be able to retain copies of save files as you g o along to make it easier to replay from a set point especially when trying to uncover t he alternative endings.

On the right hand side of the main game screen the lowest of the buttons is a Sy stem Menu button clicking this opens an on screen Menu allowing you the chance to sav e the game. Once the game reports that the game data has been saved you should take t he oppertunity to make a copy of the Robo.

It is important to note that even though the in game message says that the game data has been saved the Robo. So after saving your game, return to the Title Robozou game and close the player. Now locate the Robo. Rename the copy with Day and Period information so that you can easily identify it. Relaunch th e game and click the Load button to return to where you were.

To restore a save game, select nd copy it. Find the Robo. Make sure that the he Robo. Relaunch the game and your save game file. The locations of Robo. Make sure to include Hi dden and system files in your search or you won't find it. Once you have found the Robo. Name - Dr. Getting Girls: ROB05 In order robozou game unlock all 5 girls and be able to have sex with all 5 you have to pe rform certain actions.

Sometimes this means repeating a particular action the required of times and sometimes it means performing an action at a certain time of day. In each of these sections you have a 2 hour time period in which to control your wo men. Robozou game is important that you keep track or you might find that you do not have enoug h time to complete a task.

Certain actions consume time at an increased rate, for exam ple each time you walk through a door 4 minutes is lost from your remaining time. Morning - to AfterSchool - - Evening - - Night - - Gaining Experience: ROB07 In order to make the women bow to your wishes you must train them to obey you, t he level of training each women has is tracked with experience points.

These are gained for completing tasks, some tasks are worth more points than others and each women mu st achieve a certain level before she will perform a particular action. You want to accuma late as many experience points as possible as quickly as possible in order to be able to have as much sex as possible later in the game.

The higher the points total for each gi rl the more things robozou game can do to her or make her do. One of the easiest ways to accumulate ponts early in the game is repeatedly walking through doors. When you start you will not be able to perform many tasks and the tasks you can perform will not take up the 2 hours ea ch period lasts for.

Therefore you can maximise each women's experience points by enterin g and exiting the room where the task is to take place as many times as possible in th e 2 hour period ensuring that you leave enough time to complete the task. The Endings: ROB08 There are Five possible Official endings, one of which has an optional bonus if you do the right things on the right days and are lucky.

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These five endings can be vie wed at anytime after they have been unlocked via the Memory Screen. I am listing these endings as Official endings as there are only Five Endings slots on the memory screen an d the robozou game bonus is a variation on one of the endings. It does not actually alter the ending itself, just the state of the girls. There is a sixth unoffical ending w hich despite not being included on the memory screen is a valid ending and caused by your in game actions.

The list below gives the names of the endings and indicates wh ich Tags you should follow in the walkthrough If you are unsure how this works see the H ow This Guide Works section above. The first Five are the official ones and the last o ne is the unofficial one. New World Ending With or Without optional bonus : To acheive this ending follow the main instructions in the days ahead.

Disappearance Ending: To acheive this ending robozou game the instructions marked [DE] in the days ahead. Death Ending: To acheive this ending follow the instructions marked [XE] in the days ahead. Finally, in this section, there are some Advanced Player steps that you can take to, basically, get extra sex. These require that you raise the experience of th e relevant girl to a higher level than would be required under normal gameplay. The Walkthrough: ROB09 Prologue: - Getting your Mother It is the last night of spring before school start, a shooting star falls from an empty sky full of stars.

By chance, when returning from a friend's house, "i t" will be found. From that meeting, an incredible daily life will start. It is already dark and Hayato is concerned about what will happen if he does not hurry. He notioces something infront of the entrance to the house he share with his fam ily, is it moving? Click the arrow pointing to the strange object laying on the ground to discover that it is a Robot. As you touch it, it make a noise and begins to move. It gets up and moves closer to you. Robozou introduces himself, explains where he is from and asks y our name.

You have no option but to "Tell it your name". Robozou explains that you have a wakened him and saved his life. For this kindness his wishes to repay you. You are susp icious but hey, you have a pet Robot. Click the arrow to enter robozou game house and prepare to be chastised by your Mother.

Robozou game

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