Princess pipe trapped walkthrough

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Welcome to the The Fool Walkthrough! Help The Fool become a hero and save the beautiful princess Catherine from the jaws of a terrible dragon! This document contains a complete The Fool game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from actual gameplay! We hope you find this information useful as you play your way through the game. Use the walkthrough menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with. Remember to visit the Big Fish Games Forums if you find you need more help.

Have fun! Any unauthorized use, including re-publication in whole or in part, without permission, is strictly prohibited. The 'Players' B allows you to manage your profiles in the game. Click on 'Options' C to adjust sounds, environment, screen size, and cursor. Click on 'Extras' D to view other games by this developer. The 'Strategy Guide' E Button takes you to the that allows you to buy the guide for this game. Items written in Orange in Hidden Object Scenes require you to perform other actions before that item can be revealed.

All mini-games can be skipped once the Skip button has been recharged. Click on the question mark symbol in the puzzle scenes for instructions. Click on the Hint Owl during a Hidden Object Scene and then click on any item from your list to view its location. At the end of each Hidden Object Scene you will either receive an inventory item or an article of clothing.

Talks to the people in town, princess pipe trapped walkthrough of them are pretty funny and others give you insight into the story or the game. In order to gain access to certain areas in the game you must wear a particular outfit.

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Some outfits can have one piece or several pieces that you must collect. Each time a costume piece is collected you will have to put it on by clicking on the 'dress up' button Princess pipe trapped walkthrough. Chapter 1: Dragonfang Talk to the lumberjack; he wants some fresh ale A. Click on 'Dress up' to add the clothes to the boy. Go forward. Play the Hidden Object Scene on princess pipe trapped walkthrough left.

Click on the clock 4 times; take four o'clock F. Close the oven door; click on the lever to bake the bread G. Go forward twice. Click on the base of the statue to play a Hidden Object Scene. Go through the left entrance. Exit this scene and go into the center entrance. Exit this scene; go into the right entrance. Go through the door. Click on the vase to move it aside and zoom into the mirror behind it Q.

Click on any of the 5 handles to change the image in the mirror until it resembles the one shown in the screenshot R. Return to the Prison. Zoom into the locked gate in the lower right U. The pins have to be clicked in a certain order. Look at the equations around the puzzle to figure them out. To solve the puzzle push the pins in the order shown in the screenshot V. Exit this scene and click down 3 times. Move all the gold and silver coins to the opposite side of the board in the least amount of moves. The gold pieces should all be on the left and the silver ones on the right.

A chess piece can only jump into an empty hole. If you run out of moves you will have to start over. Check out our video solution for Easy Mode! Check out our video solution Hard Mode 61 Moves! Dress up in the outfit. Return to the Jail Cell. Go through the left gate. Exit the jail, click down 3 times and head right. The guards will let you pass now that you have on the complete outfit; head forward past the guards E. Head up the steps. Click on the chest to activate a puzzle. Using the arrows on the board form the same pattern as shown on the right. You must complete 3 rounds to beat this puzzle.

Check out our video solution for the second round! Screenshot 3 shows the final solution for the third round. Check out our video solution for the third round! Click down 3 times, and forward once. Exit the Lab. Play the Hidden Object Scene by the cart on the left. Click on the set of s in the upper left until they form '' ; take it.

Head forward. You have to press on 5 correct squares so you can form 5 identical shapes on the board. Please look at the screenshot for the solution B. Play the Hidden Object Scene at the base of the statue. Exit the Prison; go into the right entrance and through the back door to access the Princess. Zoom into the pot on the table G. Return to the Lab. Click down twice; head right, forward, and up the steps.

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The dragon will drink the water and fall asleep. Click down and head into the right cave. Zoom into the sleeping dragon. Return to the Courtyard and go through the center entrance to access the King N. Go through the gate and head forward. Click down.

Zoom into the casket on right; take the INK F. The dog will not let you through. Coming to this scene activates a Hidden Object Scene H. Click down and a Hidden Object Scene will be activated; play it. Find the items on the list. Click down twice and head towards the right side of the screen. Play the Hidden Object Scene in the upper right. You must move the red s to the right in the correct order.

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s placed correctly will turn green. The solution is as follows: Grab the 4 and 5 and place them in 3rd and 4th slots on the right. Move the 4 up to the first slot on right. Grab the 4 with the top part of the hook. Move the 5 to the 4th slot on right. Move the 4 to the second slot on right and then to the 3rd slot on right using the bottom hook. Grab the 4 and 5 and place them in the last 2 slots on right. Move the 2 and 3 into the last 2 slots on left.

Move the 2 into the 3rd slot on left. Move the 3 into the 2nd slot on right and then again to the third slot on right with the bottom hook. Move the 1 to the 4th slot on left. Move the 1 and the 2 to the top 2 slots on the right to complete the puzzle.

Check out our video solution! Return to the Cemetery. Click down and head forward. Go through the gate. Zoom into the princess pipe trapped walkthrough next to the left entrance to activate the Necrotic Puzzle.

You must solve 6 rounds of this puzzle. Please look at the 2 screenshots for the solutions.

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Head left. Play the Hidden Object Scene in the back. Click on the round symbol on the pedestal for a device to appear Y. Once the helmets stop moving, click on the one you think has the gem below it. Click down thrice. Place the INK into the container on left B.

Return to the Castle and head right. The books can be placed in any order; here is how we placed them. Open the door and go through it. Zoom into the puzzle on the back door L. Click on the components in the correct order so the layers of the scene are correct.

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Return to the spell room by clicking down and then right. Play the Hidden Object Scene. Go into the Castle and head left. Zoom into the coffin on the far right V. Click down twice. Return to the Castle and go into the center door.

Princess pipe trapped walkthrough

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