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Adult video games are cropping up all over the place, and at a very fast pace, typical of a young market that is about to explode. In this version, you control the four teenage mutant ninja turtles as they beat up bad guys and have sex with anyone you please. Play as either Guido Brother, and once you finally rescue the princess, you receive your sexual reward.

Call of Booty An adult version of the iconic first-person shooter game Call of Duty, in this game your task is simple: shoot and kill everyone you see.

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In Call of Bootyeveryone is naked! No armor to wear, no boots, shirts, or any other article of clothing.

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This adult game puts you in a deadly situation, and you have nothing to cover yourself; how long can you survive? Just like normal GTA, you get to run around, shoot guns, steal cars, and basically cause tons of chaos, only in this version, you get to have sex with anyone you want.

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Not just hookers and whores, but other characters in the game, and if you play online, you can have virtual sex with other people. Then shoot them.

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Just like with the original game, you fight crime as Batman, but rather than just fight bad guys, you get to have sex with the damsel in distress afterwards. Let's be honest - gaming isn't a cheap hobby.

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Here's how you can play the top adult sex games for free. How to Get Adult Games Free.

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25+ Sex Games For Couples That Will Leave You Hot, Bothered, And Satisfied