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With all-out war descending, Kait Diaz breaks away to uncover her connection to the enemy and discovers the true danger to Sera — herself. Support the software developers. BUY IT! Nice work codex. Osea que aunque ponga que vale para windos 7 y 8,solo funciona en el 10? Porfavor respondeme codex. Way to go, buddy! I know you could do it! All eyes on you, chief. Also, why the hell are people asking if it works with Windows 10?? Of course it does. Also, why are you people using outdated version of Windows 10? Weird people. But i rather want normal full GEARS this is good but its not anywhere liker GOW1,2,3 thats legendary games with characters and quiet remarkable bosses.

I think you should have had them aborted. No more kids for you, young lady. Its true maybe you were born in 10years ago so you dont remember how good was it… ehm Gears of war 1 its from ? But yeah theres still massacre of locust and all that shit so im glad i have chance to taste it on my own Keyboard maybe? I gonna blow it to anyone face and its not only nostalgia its even with everything.

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I mean look at this only what4 acts you can made it to end in 8 hours… i just miss old characters maybe Gears6 will bring it back who knows miracles happens all time even in videogames industry. PES is bad as hell every year it is the same but this time with gfx outdateand about mortal kombat 11 the game is mainly online and so much dlc have to comeso team wont bother cracking it now. I have to say something i criticated the first cracked version telling another Gears of wars was too much and boring but now thaht an easier cracked version is out,i really wanna play it LOL ,man is weak LOL.

GG to all. Good job! Los subtitulos pasan muy rapido y no se pueden leer. Thank you! Great game……game play wise. Everything but the characters and some aspects of the story could be better. Its easy make look like pirated Windows as Real with legal activator. Legacy is something like developers version you can download dev graphic updates its basically mean not for public use. Get a life, work and pay for the game you want rather fucking complain here.

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I would smack your fucking faces if i see you personally! Bear in mind that these are the minimum requirements and, even if you meet all of them, your version of Gears 5 might not run as smoothly or nicely as you want.

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The recommended requirements for the optimum Gears 5 experience can be found below:. No i dont think it qwouldnt work like GEARS4 remember have same engine and theres no effects demanding gameat all. Unles their protection made it more hw hungry which i know doubt even AC O crack make it less cpu asking. So why here.

I bet it works on my old GTX like charm just like did Gears4 nothing serious just sometimes cut here there especially in cvomingto new location. You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, I cant believe this guys. Incredible work always. I love you. Thanks for another good release. I have a sound and subtitle problem. Any fixyet or i miss something else to do? Well i not download this game because this is my favourite game ever and i buy it but i also thank for your hard work.

Spent a whole day downloading, cannot get it to work in multiplayer. This is only single player mode. Funciona bien en Windows 10 ver. Works fine in Windows 10 wersion Game works great…. Gotta wait until the next patch then!!! Nope it doesnt, fuck… its so annoixyng play such game stereo anyone know how fix?

If you get bug why not reload checkpoint for another one Reload checkpoint, gues why its here. Kruger, I did reload from the checkpoint…. I dunno man!

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I just get a black screen for 1 sec and it closes without any errors! Wont run on Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit. And its not possible to install update KB to Win7 Enterprise it seems. Fuck MS!!! Hello, anyone has issues with the sound? Mine does not have any sound whatsoever. Had tried to change to Hz Bit Rate but still…Appreciate your suggestion. Someone with this problem too?? Gears 5 Can you make a patch to delete all settings by gearsosb79 settings so the Codex version will work.

Je jeu fonctionne bien. Ca ne dure pas. La voix est correcte mais de temps en temps les sous titres fr et voix fr parle de tout autre chose, genre deux chapitres avant. Mais le jeu fonctionne bien. Can you send me? Link to download please. Al principio no quise descargarlo, pero lo hice, funciona bien en W10 64bits, con pack de idiomas, ningun problema todo bien todo correcto.

Is there any way to fix this? I do have an old computer but never had an issue with games like this before gears 4, doom etc other than some performance issues but can always install. Gears-5 by osb79 is a bed version and makes the game launcher stop from working. After my Windows 10 was updated the game dont work anymore, played it for 2 days,work fine before that.

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So after downloading it for 5 days. The game crashes randomly with GW errors. As well as other problems like no audio, stuttering and controls etc. Iv obviously done something wrong. Gears 5 is really shaping up to be a great game! For those with Isdone. It usually work better this way for some reason. Try it and see if it helps! Please do not download. Doesnt work. Hello, when installing it says error isdone. First time I have trouble insalling something in this web.

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You may want to check this out, thanks. Please correct. I am offline and in game is offline.

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I have the recommended specs to the letter. I get around 20 FPS. They just stay installed even after I restart. Please Help!!!!!! Does anyone know how to force uninstall the ultra texture DLC? Alguien soluciono lo de que no se escuchaban las voces ingame? Hice lo del language pack y lo del archivo.

Meet and fuck games torrent

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