Mating games online

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Chapter 1. Chapter 9. Download flyer. Encompassing a wide array of disciplines, this comprehensive review of theory and empirical research takes an integrated perspective on the fundamental human experiences of attraction and courtship; mate selection and marriage; and love and sex. Strongly grounded in methodology and research de, the book offers relevant examples and anecdotes along with ample pedagogy that will spark debate and discussion on provocative and complex topics.

Theoretical Approaches to Human Mating. Methods Used to Examine Mate Preferences. Empirical Evidence. Continuing Debates. Who Do We Like? Principles of Romantic Attraction. Who Do We Approach? Principles of Romantic Affiliation. Principles of Flirting. The First Date. Pathways to Commitment. The Sequence of Relationship Mating games online. The Process of Relationship Development. Mating Systems Across Cultures. The Nature of Marriage. Division of Labor. Has Marriage Changed Over Time? Same-Sex Marriage. Cohabitation: An Alternative to Marriage.

Relationship Dissolution. Identifying Distressed Relationships. Treating Distressed Relationships.

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Does Therapy Work? The Triangular Theory of Love. The Colors Styles of Love. Loss of Passion: When Attraction Fades. Sexuality and the Attraction Process. Sexuality in Beginning Relationships. Sexual Frequency. Sexual Practices. Sexual Preferences. Sexual Satisfaction.

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Sexual Communication. Sexuality and Relationship Satisfaction. Biological Sex. Psychological Gender and Gender Role Orientation. Sociosexual Orientation. Attachment Styles.

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Rejection Sensitivity. Broad range of subjects covered. Dr Amanda Grieme Bradley. Psychology, Trevecca Nazarene University. April 3, Report this review. Key features. Additional real-life examples have been added to chapters to capture reader interest and help illustrate the concepts under discussion. Coverage of multiple, entirely new content areas includes brand new sections on romantic attraction and affiliation in initial encounters; E-courtship attraction, courtship, and relationship formation in cyberspace ; conflict termination; consensual non-monogamy and polyamorous relationships; bereavement and loss; specific components and features of passionate love; cyberstalking; and intimate partner violence.

Updates in Chapter 4 Marriage and Mate Selection reflect recent changes in the legal status mating games online same-sex marriage in the U. Updated end-of-chapter discussion questions are ideal for in-class or take-home activities to encourage student involvement and active participation. KEY FEATURES : Comprehensive reviews of theory and empirical research on love, sex, and marriage from a variety of social and behavioral science literature highlights the links among these interrelated topics.

A strong grounding in methodology and research deincluding coverage of a of measurement instruments for self-use or course-related research, helps students develop a true understanding of how to interpret empirical research findings. Student learning aids, such as tables and figures, chapter outlines, key terms and concepts, part openers, chapter summaries, recommended readings, and discussion questions, help students master key concepts. For instructors.

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Mating games online

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The Mating Game: A Primer on Love, Sex, and Marriage