Love thy neighbor game

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With Valentine's Day coming up, we're thinking about all the great way to express love for our family, friends, community and more. This fun game allows a group to get to know each other better and think about what the members have in common.

Equipment: Cones.

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Find more new and exciting games in our games library! Love implementing Game of the Week? Playworks Trainers are equipped with oodles of tools and tips to help you get a recess and play program going today. Check out our professional development programs and bring Playworks to your school or afterschool program. In order to help kids recover from learning loss, we must ensure their emotional needs are met. Kids prioritize play, and with our support educators are leveraging play when teaching virtually in order to keep kids engaged, active, and to build community.

When we play, we engage our bodies, minds, and senses, creating opportunities for increased physical activity, learning, and connection with others. Play can even help relieve stress and support the development of important social-emotional skills, including communication and cooperation.

How to play this fun circle game to get to know your community.

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Group Size: Large group of 5 or more. Developmental Goal: To have students recognize commonalties within the group and to identify personal characteristics.

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Make sure everyone understands the rules. Cue players to think about what they will say if they get to be in the middle. Briefly discuss awareness and review how to play Rock-Paper-Scissors in case there is a tie.

The person who remains in the middle begins a second round of the game. Players say "move your booty if…" or "move if…" Instead of running, this can can be played in stadium seats with an audiences as "Stand Up".

The leader says "stand up if…". More Resources.

Love thy neighbor game

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Love Thy Neighbor online game