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Diva lingerie games love lingerie and parties, so what could be more fun than combining them to create some memorable, and often hilarious, party games. Use these lingerie party games at your next personal shower or girls night get-together and be prepared for anything.

Be the first to introduce the all new panty pinata game to your bridal shower or bachelorette party, but shhhh This classy AND funny game also serves as an elegant centerpiece at your party and is sure to make your event memorable for all in attendance. How to Play the Panty Pinata Game. Have the bride pull the strings or use some of our how well do you know the bride questionsnewlywed game questions or ring a bell questions to determine which of your guests will pull them. Have FUN! I LOVE this!!! The creative among you may even be able to integrate this game with the a panty poem style game like the one below.

Get your bride laughing and blushing by presenting a variety of panties along with this funny panty poem. It's always a crowd pleaser. Purchase enough white or any light color cotton panties in the guest of honor's size, to pass out to each of your guests. Have an assortment of permanent markers available and instruct your guests to create honeymoon panties for the bride to take on her honeymoon. Have the bride model them on top of her lingerie games and give a prize to the creator of the cutest, funniest, nicest or naughtiest pair.

Variation: If you're planning a girl's night, have everyone draw names and make a pair for the person who's name they drew. Instruct each of your guests to bring a new pair of underwear any kind they wantin the guest of honor's size, to the shower or party you are hosting. Tell them to bring these panties in a bag so no one will see them ahead of time.

When you have collected all of the underwear, either hang each pair on a clothes line or lay them out in a highly visible location. If she gets it right she keeps that pair of underwear. If she gets it wrong she tries again. It is so funny to see who brings what underwear, and the amazing variety of underwear that is represented, from granny panties to barely there. Note: This game works well for a bridal shower or an all girl birthday party. It might even be fun at a baby shower, depending on the mom-to-be, of course.

I went to a bridal shower recently and played a really lingerie games game. It was called 'Pass the Teddy'. The object of the game was to imply that a piece of lingerie was being passed around under multiple wrappings. Each time the music stopped, the person holding the package would unwrap one layer and begin passing the package again.

Guests were told that the winner of the teddy would have to model it and therefore, the girls were throwing that package like it was a hot potato. No one wanted to model that teddy NO ONE! When the final layer was torn off, the winner was asked to leave the room and put the teddy on before opening the lingerie games. The host instructed her further when she left the room and when the winner came back she was modelling a teddy bear in her arms. A cool idea to add to this would be to show a pair of panties that would supposedly go with the teddy in the box to add to the worries of the girls passing the package and in case someone caught on and knew what was going on.

Also, when having the winner return it would be fun to have her roll up her pant and shirt legs and throw on a housecoat, then have some appropriate music announce her entrance and have her only show a leg through the doorway first before the guests found out the 'teddy' was really a 'teddy bear'. Put all of the bags in a basket as the guests arrive.

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She must first scratch the ticket. If she wins she may choose whether or not lingerie games want to show everyone the panties. If she loses lingerie games has to put them on over her cloths and model them around the room for everyone to see. Having some fun music on hand would add to the hilarity of this activity. Variation: You might want to set it up that if the bride wins, the guest who brought the panties has to model them.

Just have them stretch them out in front of the appropriate area of their body as their modelling so the panties don't get damaged and you don't have to worry about varying sizes. Over free scavenger hunts, printable invitations, and fun treasure hunt lists and ideas for every event and occasion. Happy Hunting! Host a Super Bowl party with great food, games and friends. Add our Super Bowl trivia questions and icebreakers, and get everyone's game predictions pre-party.

This Tale of Peter Rabbit right left game is fun gift or prize giving. Read the story. Pass the prizes left or right. Great for school, parties, or Easter. Diva Girl Parties and Stuff. Lingerie Party Games Spice Up Your Party with Some Creative Panty Fun Diva girls love lingerie and parties, so what could be more fun than combining them to create some memorable, and often hilarious, party games.

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