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So I'd really like to plug some of the new sites and communities that are coming out of GamerGate rather than complain about the old and one of them is LewdGamer. Lewdgamer is a new site that focuses. Games that might not get attention from the mainstream lewdgamer review publications or might even get bashed by the mainstream like Bayonetta, Dragon's Crown, Senran Kagura. I've checked out a few so far and would really like to hear your input! There's plenty more reviews by Socks and other people you know so check around the site, check back daily there's always new news and content!

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Game sites these days spend too much focus on trying to police morality, rather than talking about why a game is good or bad. Plus, I think there is a massive untapped market for lewd games, that isn't being realized because of the sex-negative tone in gaming journalism. You'd think with all their incestuous behavior, this would be right up their alley Are you guys only reviewing officially translated and sold games? Or will you also review fan translated lewdgamer review The website isn't in https, tell whoever owns it to fix that. Review Artificial Academy 2. Can't be a lewd reviewer without Artificial Academy 2.

We will review any lewd game, fan translations or not. I'm currently working on a review for a game that has no translations at all, aside from a few translated images of the menus.

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Hey dude, probably worth an NSFW spoiler tag on there. Although, based on the name I should have known :P. Surprisingly good timing, I was just looking for new sites with similar review targets besides just Nichegamer they are great, but don't have that many reviews of such titles. We're looking into it for now, but lewdgamer review we're currently just a startup we're sticking to the review style we have now until we're properly stable, and able to implement newer systems. As long as you also have a smile on your face as well, our job is done. How the hell do you review lewd games?

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Like, do you knock it down if the cum looks weird or something? By the way, this is great. This is exactly what I think we need in the games industry. I'm not even against them having a "moral left? They're free to say whatever they want. What I think we need is a better variety of reviewers, looking at games from different angles, for different audiences.

Want to know if a game matches family or Christian values?

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Christ Centered Gaming got that covered. Want games purely for it's sexual content? LewdGamer got your back. Because there is a demand for it. There will always be a demand for lewd games. Seriously though, how's it going with the site overall?

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Has there been a ificant traffic increase for you and what lewdgamer review your personal thoughts on Kern's petition to Kotaku and Polygon? It's not my site I'm just plugging it, I've heard the traffic is going well, there's been a lot of help from the adult industry in al boosting.

I'll bring those guys in for more on that. I think Kern's petition was a good honest effort Posted by Jason Miller - Polar Roller. Sort by: best. LewdGamer, you just got yourself a new reader. Plus, I think there is a massive untapped market for lewd games "There are two types of gamers: Those who play sexy games on steam, and those who have an alt for them. Continue this thread. This looks like a cool site. A few questions of course: Are you guys only reviewing officially translated and sold games?

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Clicked links, my penis is happy. No better way to find out than reading a few!

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Awesome, I've added your site to my favorites. Who is the best waifu? More posts from the KotakuInAction community. KotakuInAction is the main hub for GamerGate on Reddit and welcomes discussion of community, industry and media issues in gaming and broader nerd culture including science fiction and comics. Created Aug 24, Top posts february 17th Top posts of february, Top posts Back to Top.

Lewdgamer review

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