Leisure yacht game guide

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The game opens and you are talking to your father and you get a little background on what the situation is.

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You are a very smart student without much motivation. The game is currently divided into three parts, on the Yacht, on the Yacht part two, and on the island.

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You advance to the next part by completing all of the quests from the part. If you need to select a specific conversation topic it will be shown in Bold Italics. The game really starts once you get into your room on the yacht. The time of day does not show anything when you wake up.

The picture in the room is the current occupant s of the room. Selecting the Inventory icon will bring up a VERY rudimentary inventory, with a picture of the items in your inventory. Use the green back arrow to return to the room.

The Status screen will show where you are with the girls and different items. Not all stats are listed. The menu icon will bring up small menu items at the bottom of the screen. The computer will be used to advance some of your skills. New skills will be added when you are able to learn them. The beginning of the game is going to be boring as you need to build up your stats.

So, for the most part you are going to avoid the girls and grind out your stats. This part of the game is the least polished. Learning a skill will move you to the next time segment. When you start off your computer leaning is limited to:. More will be added as you need them. Some skills have hard caps. Diving and Poker both max out at Any attempts to learn more than the maximum just wastes time. You can only learn one skill point per day from the computer. There are a couple of different ways to earn money and they will be covered later. Focus on getting your Diving skill up to Computer Skills.

The following walkthrough is a guide of what to do every day to accomplish the quests. I will only cover the 32 days required to get you to Fitness. You will complete some quests in that time, but interacting with the girls is pretty much shut out until you have Fitness. Poker training has now been added to your computer.

But, what your research is about exactly? Yes, sure. Found leisure yacht game guide, here it is. Finding something while swimming in the ocean is random. We can now move onto a different training topic on the computer and are done playing darts and billiards. Good thing you are studying Cryptography. You will be able to read it later. You must be strong Kate! Trust me. I will take care of you. I can be a man only if you are by my side. Hug her Sure Kate, I will ever be here for you. Talk to Marija I need to have a little talk with you Ehm…would you blow me?

You need to purchase the Leisure yacht game guide from the computer. You have to ask her 10 times before the potion is ready. Talk to Kaori again The potion? Finally you woke up! If you need to find a specific girl on a specific day these charts will show you where they are and when. The game is picky on how and where you talk to them as you have most likely already talked to all of them to this point. When you talk to Allison select the Hi Allison option. As with the Spencer family quest you will need to talk to all of the female crew memeber Caddy, Kaori, Kate, and Marija.

Just like The Spencer family quest the game is picky on where you talk to them. The one that may be an issue is Caddy. Give a shell to Liana. To give the shell to Liana talk to her and select the I would like to give you a gift. Your relationship with Liana will improve by 1. Tell her I need money. Caddy will offer you a job sparing with her on Monday Evenings. Monday Evening talk to Caddy in the Gym and tell her I came for the money. After she beats you the first time you will complete this quest.

Hi Maisie! You will receive this achievement for not leisure yacht game guide next to Maisie the first time she asks. Prerequisites: Attention to heights quest completed, successfully sat next to Maisie outside the rail. Maisie can be found looking at the stars Early Night Wednesday at the Jacuzzi. Talk to her and say:. Have both items in your inventory. Select the arrow pointing to the right. Use the gear. Select Yes to the There are many high quality wines and champagnes, would you like to have one? Camelia practices by the pool Early Night Wednesdays and Sundays.

Talk to Camelia and select the I accept your challenge! After you have accepted her challenge meet her in the Gym Early Night on Friday. You have to sneak into their bedrooms at night to see if you can find the mole, and maybe a little more. You will have to wait until Late Night Friday to put the drug on the gloves and then wait another week to fight her again.

Marija complains about not being able to leave the Yacht. You will need to earn the money to purchase the Tux. See the Odds and Ends section for how to earn money. Allison would like you to help Liana understand the book. Talk to Liana Friday Afternoon in her bedroom.

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Liana will send you a PDF of the book. You can read one of the eight chapters per day. Readying the book counts as Studying. Talk to Liana again in her bedroom Friday Afternoon. Offer to give her a foot massage if she answers your questions correctly. After you have completed Play with Liana and leisure yacht game guide back to Allison you are invited to the lab. Late Night Wednesday go to the Lab and touch the secret button.

Go into the Secret Lab. Swallow the Pheromone pill. Seems she has changed her mind. Late Night go back to the Bridge and there will be a gear icon. Complete three massage training sessions with Kaori and Kate. This quest starts with Maisie.

She tells you to ask Camelia when she is in the Playroom. Camelia is in the Playroom Thursday Evening. Talk to Camelia and say I was looking for my father. Camelia suggests asking Liana when she is at the pool. Liana is at the pool Monday and Wednesday Afternoon. Talk to Liana at the pool and ask Have you seen my father? Liana tells you to ask her Mother. When you ask Allison you tells you that your father is gravely ill and contagious.

After three times Liana will get bored and want to try something different. Bondage training shows up with the Shiatsu Massage training menu.

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After you have completed at least three Bondage lessons on the computer you will be able to bind Liana on a Friday Afternoon in her bedroom. After you have the dildo wait until Late Night Monday or Thursday. Talk to Liana in the Living Room. Liana are you sleeping? Talk to Maisie when she is in her bedroom Tuesday Afternoon. After you finally get the towel from Maisie you can give it to Caddy. After you give the towel to Caddy she asks you to get her a drink. After Confessing your love to Maisie she brings you back to her room and you eat her out.

If you continue to the Next Scene you will complete this quest. Go back to the Lab Late Night Wednesday. Allison is waiting for you in the Secret Lab and has you take another pill for her experiments.

Leisure yacht game guide

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Leisure Yacht Complete Walkthrough