Lancaster boarding house game

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Lancaster Boarding House is a visual novel based video game. You are a writer and has been writing for years but now you have decided to get away from the city in order to clear your mind and regain your inspiration. On are on the visit to smaller towns where you have encountered a strange accident. Such an accident cannot be really explained and it ended you up in a small town called Pine Fall. In the Pine Fall, you meet Alice, Mia, and Grace with others and they have told you a strange story that has happened a couple of years ago.

In the Pine Fall a few years ago people probably men started to vanish quickly and only a few left behind. Besides, of all the facts they have told you lancaster boarding house game you cannot leave town because when you will try to leave the town you will come to the side where there is something strange is happening during the night. That place is outside the town. Now it is on you that you will believe in such delusions or not. Lancaster Boarding House depends on the in-game choices. Depending on the choices you might or might not be able to access some scenes.

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The game features a lot of girls each one having her own story. It is hard to keep all the elements of the game at an equal level for all girls. Some girls have more scenes in the game as compared to others.

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Strange Accident. A lot of Girls. Powerful Engine.

Lancaster boarding house game

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Lancaster Boarding House