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There is an error section where you can comment on the error that happens to you and if a screenshoot can be included. Yes, I think I put too many, in a future review I will remove some. Although you cannot interact with objects in the dark, leave 2 chests that you can open without light. I have a game folder but desktop works fine as well. You then close Terminal and close the folder the game is located in to reset it.

Sounds like a lot, it takes about minutes total. This has been tested and works with at-least some Linux configurations. If you can do this just fine then great. There is no need to read on.

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Note: The location of where the game file is downloaded to. If using Gnome this can be done easily by opening files, navigating to the location of the download, and right clicking on the file and selecting one of the extraction options. If you have ly installed the web runner, then select it from the drop-down menu. Once instillation has been completed, select the web runner from the drop-down menu.

You can then play the game as normal. Or search for the APK on your own. The emulation is not perfect and may be buggy and some words may be cut off. You can also play the game by removing the on-screen touch controls, only for a hard love game they are very small.

I don't know why this happens, but that's how I made it work. You can also use any control compatible with Android, in my case I tested it with an Xbox One controller. I tested the emulator on a Samsung Galaxy A20 phone, it works at 20 fps, I have no idea if it works on other models or tablets, it will be a matter of you trying it for yourself. I really appreciate it, but remove your from your messagepeople may come and try to deceive you or impersonate me. At the beginning I had placed the Paypal donation button, but since nobody used it I removed it, here I leave it again.

In this section you will find the most frequently asked questions about the game. In order to access the language selection, you have to start a new game, this option is not available in the options menu within the game. Normally Nova always has a dialogue that suggests where to go or what to do, I recommend paying attention to these dialogues, especially if they are new to the game. But if you skipped it, you can also check the Quests in the in-game menu. There are more information. They can also make missions appear all the time on the screen by activating the option.

Note: The quest bar is automatically hidden in dialogs or cutscenes. To complete the first mission which is hard love game repair Amber's ring, just go back to the Cave and eliminate the red Mowo. On the second day to unlock an intermediate cutscene, check the bathroom at Amber's house and complete the mission. There are 2 ways to complete it, one is paying and the other is free, just pay attention. In order to enter, visit the Priestess and learn a new skill.

Note: You can only get this ability on the third day. Not before.

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To get the 2 intermediate scenes on Day 3, try hard love game visit Doctor Nora's Clinic, you will be able to enter Melinda's room. Like the Doctor, she will be able to cure you. For now, they are only tentative dialogues I plan on having its own scene just like with the Priestess. This is something that very few people have noticed, but history changes in certain aspects depending on the decisions you make.

An example is the first decision you make when Maya blocks your way, if you choose not to help her, her dialogues change as well as Melinda's. This way you can get to see the missing scene on the second day. Your decisions can also affect Margott and her interactions. And at the end of the third day, whatever you decide changes the final events. At least that's what I had planned, but due to lack of time I placed the same scene for the 2 elections, this will change in future updates.

I'm glad you're enjoying the story and I'm also aware of the grid system, but that needs to be reworked along with the entire combat system later on. I will be placing the fixes that Hard love game make in the game and you can place me the errors or bugs that you find, so that I can solve hard love game as quickly as possible. If you are using a saved file of the version Alpha errors may occur, I recommend that you download one of the files with saved games here: SAVE.

When you describe an error, mention in what language and try to be as specific as you can, it would also help me a lot if you an image, so it is easier for me to locate the errors. An apology but for adding other languages and optimizing the code, the saving of the game of the version, can create errors or strange things happen.

I apologize but could no longer fix that error. What I do promise you is that it will be the last time this error happens with the saved files. Meanwhile here is a save until the beginning of day 3. File 1: Start of the second day. File 2: End of day 3. For it to work correctly delete the entire "save" folder inside the game folder. And extract the content of the attached file inside the game folder.

And they are often confused. Later in the game I will include more detailed tutorials. Some are owned by monsters. Note: Once used, the "Dream Drops" will disappear from the inventory and the event will be permanently unlocked. I don't know if I count the scene before Amber fucks Nova, in bed when he strokes her balls with his dick, or the final scene of the update. If you already have versionyou will find the heart key on Amber's table, which you will use on the heart painted on the wall of Amber's house.

I have thought of many things for combat, but in the end I think I will be very limited by what can be done in the game. I usually only post when there are updates, but I am constantly posting to Discod. And as for an exact release date I cannot give it, it is somewhat complicated to put a date since the work never ends.

And I think that in general all games suffer from this kind of delay. At the moment only Turkish and Italian, since the same community is helping me to translate them into other languages. If in the future someone is encouraged to translate it into the Russian language, I will add it.

Someone else had the same error, and I solved it by changing the permissions of their antivirus. That solution could serve you. I allowed both the game files and that specific file through my anti virus and the same thing still happens. Any idea what could be happening? Edit: Turns out I'm dumb and had two different anti virus programs installed. I uninstalled one and set the permissions on the other. After that I redownloaded the game entirely. This time the missing file was there and the game launched.

Try this:. Dll If you download it and it is deleted or blocked by the antivirus. Change the permissions on the pc. Log in Register. Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games. More Block. Creator of. Add to collection. Hard Love - Darkest Desire - Apha. DeepBride 2 days ago. DeepBride 13 days ago.

DeepBride 13 days ago 2 edits. DeepBride 18 days ago. It is not to cross it without the "Magic Lamp". DeepBride 19 days ago. This guide is made by Small Ben, thank you very much.

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I tested and wrote this guide. Install Lutris. Start Lutris. Click the plus in the upper left of Lutris. Name the game and select the web runner in the "Game info" box. Set the path to the html file from the download in the "Game options" box. Click the save button. Click the game in your Lutris menu.

Click play. Wait, this may take a few minutes. DeepBride 20 days ago 1 edit.

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This tutorial is to easily emulate my game on an Android system. DeepBride 21 days ago. DeepBride 26 days ago 6 edits. Language selection In order to access the language selection, you have to start a new game, this option is not available in the options menu within the game. Quest Normally Nova always has a dialogue that suggests where to go or what to do, I recommend paying attention to these dialogues, hard love game if they are new to the game. Karma This is something that very few people have noticed, but history changes in certain aspects depending on the decisions you make.

DeepBride 26 days ago. DeepBride 27 days ago 4 edits. Alpha e Fixes: Fixed the bug that prevented creating the "Lubricant" after obtaining all the ingredients in the languages, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian and Polish. Fixed the name of the "Goddess Amulet" in the "Combat Academy" in all languages.

Hard love game

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