Gym dating games

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Hi all! This was a really late April Fools joke game I made. This game is special to me since I'm a bit of a gym rat myself. There are two modes, Story and Training Free play! STORY: You've recently ed on to a mysterious gym contract and you wake up in the gym faced by a strange girl.

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Can you keep squatting to keep her from killing you and to figure out the truth? No cheating or you cheat yourself! Log in with itch. Loading SWF for the first time Adobe Flash is required to run this project in the browser. Enable Flash. Download Now. Let me know what you all get as records! More information. Download Now Name your own price.

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Comments Log in with itch. WhatIsAUsername89 days ago. I burned Latteissimping days ago. Amazing game now my legs are like jelly. Officer Erik 1K days ago. Din0Gutzz days ago. I squatted Fun and simple. I held my laptop in order to play this game, did squats, and I quite enjoyed it. Thanks for playing! Name yourself Squat-chan and uh, idk if it's ego or plain weird.

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I wanted a nice ass, but acquired a wife instead. Thank you. I fixed a bug you should be able to now -- you type in your name and enter a weight! WindowsFlash. Visual NovelSimulation.

Gym dating games

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