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In addition, especially during adolescence when girls are highly conscious of body image and weight, they are reluctant to wear physical education PE uniforms or take part in PE classes and sporting activities with boys. Unsurprisingly, multiple studies find that girls prefer female-only PE classes, sports, fitness activities and outdoor education. In addition, most girls enjoy and prefer single-gender Physical Education PE lessons for games such as basketball.

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Girls may prefer dance and fitness activities to traditional sports activities because they do not require a team, are non-competitive, can occur any time, and may require less coordination than team sports p. In addition, multiple studies have found that girls prefer single-gender rather than mixed gender PE classes, with two studies demonstrating that girls who participate in single-gender teams show increased competence, possibly because they perceived less competition and felt more confident about their ability level compared with the other girls p.

The study authors noted that this effect was not just present in adolescent girls who may be experiencing body image concerns, but also in younger girls. Girls were more able to embrace the experience and to focus on self-exploration and personal growth.

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Additionally, single-sex adventure programs can facilitate greater participation for girls, increase opportunities to explore new skills and take risks, and provide space for girls to develop positive peer relationships.

Girls sex game

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