Ghost hunter vena game

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Just take a Premium Pro subscription on k2s and get full access. Control a group of female ghost hunters in their erotic adventures in not being afraid of no ghosts. Added the position of the Eye Walls to the map. Fixed a glitch where enemies very rarely duplicated when ending a struggle sequence. Fixed an error caused sometimes when absorbing the attack orb at the second boss fight. Fixed a glitch that caused animations to stop looping in the Sprite Gallery. Minor improvements to the map Fix log — 1. Fixed a problem where the map desyncs and starts showing the wrong floor when you open it.

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Fix log — 0. Fixed: Getting stuck on walls when shaking off enemies. Fixed: Enemies getting stuck on walls or getting thrown out of the screen near borders. Fixed: The super wall ghost room bug after going out and back to it. Fixed: Statue room being blocked off after getting a game over on it before getting the wings. Fixed: Game over on test room will now kick you to the main menu, would have been better to stop game over from happening there instead, right?

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Fixed: Crash while skipping at the end. Added: Invincibility time to avoid stunlock. Game rating: 5 1. The Farmthis Gallery Sex Lab v0. A Better Place Comment Name Website.

Ghost hunter vena game

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Ghost Hunter Vena - porn game download