Games made with tyranobuilder

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Here is a showcase some of the games that talented people are creating using TyranoBuilder and TyranoScript! Available now on Windows and browser. Coming soon to MacOS.

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Includes partial nudity and suggestive themes. Home Houkago Quest!

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Check it out and get inspired! Houkago Quest!

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A sci-fi visual novel created by two time Aurealis Award finalist and graphic novelist Shane Smith. A freelance pilot and hired hand who must use her wits to survive a civil war on the desert world of Messar, and save the lives of thousands of others.

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This a TyranoBuilder Summer Jam submission. There were 38 entries — an amazing turn out for our first event and chock full of quality submissions. Check out the games at the official jam at the link below!

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TyranoBuilder Summer Game Jam Available now for the PC and iOS devices! A short, browser-based adventure game by the developer Sis-Tears. Sis-Tears Home Japanese.

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A short form multi-platform adventure game, also by Aoi Sakura. Available for Windows and iOS from the game home below. Tetsugose No Ose Home Japanese. New games will be added soon and we expect this to start filling up fast, so please check back again! The Ties That Bind. TyranoBuilder Summer Jam Submissions.

True Lover's Knot.

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Tetsugose No Ose 'Tryst of Prison'.

Games made with tyranobuilder

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