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At a time where a pandemic has shifted the dating scene, and more of us are connecting virtually than ever before, video games like Summertime Saga may seem especially appealing. DarkCookie began developing Summertime Saga as a casual, simple game— but was taken aback by the support he received from the community— leading the year-old father to take a casual idea into a passion project, and now, as his main source of income. But while the crowdfunded Summertime Saga certainly has caught attention within the simulation games community, there are several reasons why some may be looking for an alternative— or, at least, other games they can play that mimic some of the unique dating experiences you can play in Summertime Saga.

Typically, you control the main character— it used to be mostly male-centered, but now that scene is changing—who interacts with other characters in search of romance. They often include side games and tasks as well, and some even have storylines, while many games like summertime saga more freeform play.

Let me preface: dating games are not inherently classified as adult games. In fact, there are even dating games focused on younger experiences, like high school, that is rated for most audiences. Games labeled as adult dating games tend to include more overt sexual themes, graphics, and strong themes. Summertime Saga includes content that pushes above a Teen rating, with options for specific sexual acts and preferences.

While the graphics are quite stylized and cartoon-like, they are also revealing.

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Games like Summertime Saga are recommended for ages 18 and up. Summertime Saga is classified as an adult dating simulator. While there are many dating simulators, they range, of course, in content, quality, and target audience. But first, I want to talk a little bit about what to expect from Summertime Saga, and who has garnered the most support. In other words: Summertime Saga is finished enough that you can play it, but still incomplete. Summertime Saga is updated once every few months usually, and you can check to see when the next update will be released by checking the Summertime Saga News on their official website.

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Their roadmap also tells you what kind of content is planned for the next update. Chromebooks run on Linux, so technically you should be able to play Summertime Sage on your Chromebook. While this game is not especially demanding to run, in general Chromebooks are known to not run games efficiently.

Some users have played Summertime Saga on their Chromebook and noted that, while it will run, it also tends to have some performance issues. I recommend instead playing on a regular or gaming laptop if you have one. Summertime Saga gameplay involves not only dating and finding romantic partners but also is set against a storyline, with some surprisingly detailed features that set it apart from other dating simulation games. The backdrop is a charming but also an unassuming rural town.

Summertime Saga has been praised as more multi-dimensional than games like summertime saga other dating games, though it is at this time still unfinished. Graphics lean stylized cartoons, though the colors stand out and overall everything feels lively. That said, I must stress that Summertime Saga is for a rather specific audience, especially due to its adult content.

And someone looking for more freeform sandbox games may want an alternative. To find the best games like Summertime Saga, I looked for games in the dating simulation genre— and ones that have strong dating elements— that are well deed, creative, and offer quality gameplay.

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All of these games are not only finished but well tested. I was sure to include options so you can find the game for you, no matter your gaming setup. Like some of these options do include mature gameplay, I did also want to mix in some options for those interested in dating gameplay but without adult content. The game picks up after your adult daughter has moved into a seaside town. All d have unique personalities and roles— from a teacher to even a goth dad.

I love that the game is not only a bit different in terms of the dating scene, but also included mini-games, other quests, and multiple ways your gameplay can play out. The comedic tone makes for an enjoyable, if not as in-depth game— perfect for casual and relaxing gameplay.

Download Here. Looking for a mature dating game that has a playful aesthetic and also adds some puzzle gameplay into the mix? Hunnie Pop is an interesting game like Summertime Saga that I recommend for fans of Anime— and for those who like the dating element of games, but really enjoy puzzle games. Uniquely deed, this hybrid dating game simulator features unique, beautifully deed characters featuring playable dates, date gifts, unique locations, and even a little bit of RPG strategy.

Dates, as the main gameplay, challenge you to reach a high level on the Affection meter within a set amount of time. If you succeed on your dates, you can earn credits towards food, alcohol, and gifts. Dates are played in part by interactions but also with a puzzle-related dating grid where you track your progress. During the date, tokens are earned. Traits will influence how quickly you earn points. Dating gifts range from flowers to perfume and mature gifts. HuniePop is available for Windows and Mac. Now, to be fair, this game is a little divisive: in fact, back init was deemed by some critics as a game to avoid.

But as of Fallit can already sell overcopies— and it certainly makes a splash when it comes to adding a games like summertime saga dimension to a dating simulator.

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Unlike other dating games, this is actually classified as a point-and-click adventure game, one that follows a storyline, so to speak. Gameplay includes interacting, collecting and using items, and even making moral choices.

Those moral choices will impact the course your gameplay takes— sometimes with adult content. This fun, carefree dating game transports you back into high school with choices that can influence the outcome— but without any stressful consequences. Be prepared to deal with a level of cheesiness- in a good way. You play as the new student in town, with a character customizer where you chose your games like summertime saga and overall vibe. After creating your character, you get a choice of who you interact with and how, including athletic, intelligent, and mysterious students.

The game also includes gossip, choices for friendships, and dates. Part dress up, part storyline, this can be replayed to your own liking. Dates are casual and lead up to the prom. I also like mini-games, which include skating, mini-golf, and, of course, dancing. Though not as direct of an alternative to Summertime Saga, Sims 4 and Sims 3 and 2 offers plenty of options for romancing others.

This life simulator is packed with other features, from creating characters with unique personality traits and fashion choices to careers, raising a family, chasing fame, and more granted with expansion packs. You could even pursue romance, with the right packs, as a vampire, mermaid, or alien. Sims 4 is a full life simulator and by no means a dating simulator in itself.

I personally prefer Sims 3, for its more nuanced personality traits and story progression, but Sims 4 is the newest and offers newer graphics. Sims Mobile follows some of these features, albeit more simplified, with a free to play format. Answer: Keep in mind that Summertime Saga is not entirely finished and that there are often new updates to further extend gameplay.

Summertime Saga takes an average of 23 straight hours for the main gameplay—long enough to get comfy in a gaming chair. Answer: In order to have in Summertime Saga, you must play the impregnation minigame. But this is not a key objective in the game: most of it revolves around the dating scene itself, which can be best enjoyed when you games like summertime saga a proper setup for great gaming audio.

Summertime Saga may still be incomplete, and it may be mature for some audiences, but the good news is that there are other great games that allow you to simulate the dating scene. Interested in simulation games? Check out recommendations for the Top 25 Games Like Spore. What is a dating simulator? What distinguishes an adult game? What is Summertime Saga? Is the Summertime Saga finished? How often is Summertime Saga updated? Can you play Summertime Saga on Chromebook?

Is Summertime Saga a good game? Games like Summertime Saga: My Picks To find the best games like Summertime Saga, I looked for games in the dating simulation genre— and ones that have strong dating elements— that are well deed, creative, and offer quality gameplay. Here are my picks, then, for the best games like Summertime Saga that you can play now. Huniepop Mature Looking for a mature dating game that has a playful aesthetic and also adds some puzzle gameplay into the mix? Question: How can I get pregnant in Summertime Saga?

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