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The game as a Akabur look to it. Space Rescue: Code Pink. Tales of a Dream Life. The Guy in charge. Temptations Are Everywhere. Game of Whores - porn game download Version: 0. Size What's New? Installation System Requirements. Extract to desired location. Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor. Intel HD or equivalent Graphics. Windows Mega Doko Zippyshare Work. Mac Mega v1.

Our version of Game of Whores is Uncensored. We collect download links and gather them in one place from various open and public file downloading sources like Mega, LZfiles, Nopy, Work, Megaul, Anonfile etc. We do notre, repack or modify any files we share. Our site's purpose is to share adult games with as much people as possible to introduce them with adult game industry and help developers by ensuring that their works can reach more people using our platform.

Game of Whores 's new version v. We last updated this game in July 18, but it was innitially added in June 10, Intro: Here's some of you met fanatik-guard, you have to beat him to proceed the game. There's no hints, you just have to beat him or use another route to avoid him. Don't forget to defend. Daenerys quest 1 "Next, please! Ask Rodrik for job. After you finish with Daenerys, you will met new character, you have to collect information about Daenerys for this character, then return after 3 days and say what you've collected.

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Look at keyhole, you game of whores treat sansa the solo-scene. If you asked her all 3 days about dragons and on 3 day you went to Flea Bottom - new character will show you face and something else If you want this costume in future, you have to go there in 3 day, otherwise this costume is not available for you. You didn't unlock Daenerys solo scene in 2nd quest?

No worries, she doing this on 5th, 10th, 15th etc. Daenerys quest 3 "Again? If you want to touch Daenerys tits, choose "I will lift all the bans If you want to see Cercei tits, choose "I will lift all the bans Also, here's another game over with Daenerys in chains.

Choose something else. Daenerys quest 4 "Dance class": To start this quest - go to Rodrik's tavern, then check out Daenerys room. In that quest you need to train Daenerys for her "show" in tavern, you have 4 days for that. You need to train her at least for 2 days to complete the quest. On the last day before the show, you need to offer her to have one more train - she will learn 2 new moves. If you want her to dance naked - she has to be drunk, buy her an alcohol. Route with BJ and fingering is possible only if she's drunk. On the way home you will be able to play with Daenery's pussy.

Stop in the right time and don't make her cum if you want a BJ scene.

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Baelish quest 1: To start this quest make sure you've met Sansa, then click on Baelish. During this quest you will be visiting market, Daenerys will buy there cucumbers - after that her solo scene through keyhole will be updated. Then, you need to treat Sansa. She's have a fever To get rid off all blankets you need to beat her heat - use combination of tea, herbs and fruits and she will be healthy in a few days.

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You can undress her only if she's healthy. Also she has insomnia, to beat this you need a combination of alcohol, herb and alcohol. Use this and check her out. Do your business. To complete this quest - cum on her face. After this quest you will be able to offer Daenerys work as a dancer in Rodrik's tavern. At least 10 SP is necessary for that. Then more she's working there - than more new moves she's learning.

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Also it increase her SP which is necessary to wear some costumes. Space Rescue: Code Pink 23rd Apr. Rebel Daughter 02nd Jul. The Guy in charge 12th Apr. Temptations Are Everywhere 07th Jun. Witchcraft 23rd Apr. You must log in to write a review.

Game of whores treat sansa

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