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Posted on April 29, by pokeninja Black Monkey Pro is the gift that just keeps on giving. After their disbandment back inI thought I was done with the company and their… unique boys love game offerings. But, lo ina kind reader informed me that BMP had risen from the ashes and re-branded themselves as Herculion, retaining many of the original staff. Full Service follows Tomoki Nakamoto, a workaholic full service game for a little excitement in his life. One day, he gets invited to visit the local spa, where he meets a group of hunky masseurs who are more than happy to help him relieve a little excess stress.

Suddenly his mundane life is about to get much more exciting. It has a lot of the same shortcomings I remember in the Black Monkey Pro games—arbitrary sexual encounters and trope-y characters—but there were also several big improvements. This game spent a little over three years in production and that extra time really went a long way in making this a much more enjoyable for me. The story is simple, a young man looking to add a bit of excitement into his life visits a local spa full of hot guys.

Some characters are stronger than others and you can really tell the difference storywise between the main characters and the characters that were elevated from extras to main cast later on in production. The main cast is a bit hit or miss for me, some were genuinely enjoyable—Rald was absolutely perfect from start to finish and Kovit, despite my usual aversion to flirty characters, was fun.

But, I will say that the chemistry between all the guys more than made up for my general lackluster opinion of them as a whole.

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And, there is a lot of sex in this game, both as an extension of the spa services and as something that develops naturally as the relationships between Tomoki and the LIs grows. If you are looking for a boys love game with steamy scenes, Full Service has you covered and then some. The sexual encounters were steamy and there was a nice variety—oral sex, penetration, fun positions, and even some twin action—there is plenty of sex to excite all the fujoshi and fudanshi out there.

Gameplay wise, Full Service has elements of a life simulator and a visual novel—events are triggered by visiting various locations and interacting with specific characters tied to each location.

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You can go on dates with the LIs, buy them gifts, and there are a handful of choices you can make that help build your relationship with each of the guys. There was a fun work related mini-game that helps you generate in game currency to use for buying items for the LIs, but there was the option to skip it without any consequence.

There are even some animated scenes and while they are simple, I definitely enjoyed them. But, sometimes you like seeing some men with more meat on their bones and boy does Full Service deliver! Like their predecessor, Herculion stuffed their game with big buff, masculine men and I am here for it! Even Tomoki and Sota, who are arguably the smallest members of the cast are deliciously muscled… you can practically see their muscled physiques through their clothes!!

So, the final verdict, I really liked Full Service. Full Service is a solid boys love game with a fun cast of characters and a unique premise, that really came together in the end. I would definitely recommend this game to fans of the BL genre! Thank you full service game reading and supporting Blerdy Otome! Have you played any Black Monkey Pro games? How does Full Service stand up? And, what are some boys love games that you love?

His line also give him away, so much hint. Hello fellow Blerd, thank you so much for putting this game on my radar. Hey Hey!!

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Glad to meet a fellow Blerd!! Blerdy Otome is an otome games and visual novel review site that runs on Black Girl Magic and Dreams.

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