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Search by author name. I have developed two fun fleshlight games that can mix up your experiences with this amazing tool. Both games are best done hands free, with the fleshlight sandwiched in between your mattress and box spring, either in or out fleshlight games its case. You will enter it doggy style. You could also use one of the Fleshlight Mounts or insert the small end of the fleshlight games, in its case, into a shoe.

Start naked, aroused and lubed, with the inside of fleshlight lubed as well, according to the directions. The first game involves a cycle of slow, measured penetrations of the fleshlight: Game A. In this first game, start by slowly entering the fleshlight. Stop at the point where the head of the penis is just inside the opening. Now, on a slow count of ten, gently glide the penis deeper and deeper into the fleshlight until your pubic bone is touching the orifice. In other words, you want to go as deeply as you can into the fleshlight until your body is pressed against it.

Again, on your way back out, stop at the point where the head of the penis is just inside the opening. Now, 9 slow counts in, 9 out. Feel every inch of the texture of the fleshlight. Enjoy the erotic sensations you are feeling. Now, 8 slow counts in, 8 out. Think sexy thoughts. Now, try another cycle or two or threestarting at 10 and counting down again. Enjoy the erotic moment. You can also start at 1 and count back up to Or, you can immediately begin Game B: Game B. Now, you will be counting strokes, around one second each stroke. Choose a depth level of your stroke before you begin: Shallow, Medium, or Deep.

Try not to pull out of the fleshlight during this exercise. Your starting and ending point for each stroke will be in the front third of the fleshlight, the head of the penis around one or two inches inside the opening, depending on the length of your penis. Start with one stroke, in and out. Pause two seconds. Now two strokes of your chosen depth, in and out. Go all the way to ten strokes, in and out. You may at this point choose to start another cycle, at one stroke counting up again, perhaps with a different depth of stroke—maybe on this next cycle you choose a deeper, more intense stroke.

Or, you could now return to the first game Game Astarting just inside the opening of the fleshlight and entering it 10 slow counts in, 10 out, etc. Variations: 1. In Game B, alternate stroke depth during each cycle: 1 shallow, 2 medium, 3 deep, 4 medium, etc. Alternate Games A and B, as described in the last paragraph. Men are constantly shamed by this, both by women and men. In reality, ejaculation happens when it happens, and can be fleshlight games hot at any stage of the sexual experience.

There is even research that suggests that evolution has over the millennia favored men who are able to ejaculate more quickly: see link Cumming is natural, whenever it happens! It need not be the end of lovemaking, sexual play, or solosexual exploration.

And I enjoy that.

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But many men including me, can cum again within minutes of their first ejaculation. Try it: when you first cum in the fleshlight, whenever that is in the game after half a cycle of one game or seven cycles of both, whatever! You may lose a good deal of your erection. Then, as the heightened sensitivity of the penis subsides a bit or notcontinue with the game you left off, gently at first. It may help to look at a little porn during this. Eventually your hard-on will come back and you may orgasm again, this time a little later then the first time. Or, fleshlight games could leave the fleshlight filled with your own cum it makes the best lube!

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Or, you might feel completely satisfied with your first cum and can wrap up your experience, even if you only made it to 9 counts in and 9 counts out in the first game. Be as proud of your ejaculation as you are of your erection. It is a wonderful part of being in a male body. That said, it can be a good thing but not an absolute to be able to have the freedom to choose when or if to cum during sex or solosexual play, and if cumming during the first few seconds or minutes causes you distress or frustration apart from the B.

Let me know how your games go, and any questions you might have. This game is for fleshlight novices and experts alike. If you end up using this as a challenge or edging exercise, let me know how many cycles you can complete before cumming. What are your fleshlight games? Leil EdenFantasys. Thanks for your post! These games are worth attention. We tried the game A with my partner without fleshlight games for fleshlight games, and it was a pretty good experience.

I wonder what kinds of masturbators can be appropriate for these games? I suppose, not only fleshlights are the option to go. Quote: Originally posted by Leil Thanks for your post!

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I suppose, Quote: Originally posted by PassionPleasure This is a freaking awesome idea. I can't wait to try it. My mind just got blown thinking of the different options that I could do. Quote: Originally posted by Y I have developed two fun fleshlight games that can mix up your experiences with this amazing tool. Total posts: 5 Unique posters: 4. Make a post.

Fleshlight games

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Fleshlight Games