Doujinshi games

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June 26, Here are some of September 26, May 29, The developers at BitSummit had everything from crustacean-based fighting games to VR shoe kicking simulators, so there was certainly a lot of creativity on display. It was a great place to explore new concepts and fresh twists on classic genres alike January 23, Heart of Crown PC is a digital adaptation of the deckbuilding card game of the same name.

Players compete to pick out a princess and lead her to royal domination by accumulating funds, followers and a deck full of useful cards.

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November 1, Few games have inspired as many fan-made works as the Touhou series. Just as bullet hell shooters and cute anime girls are a winning combination, fans have tried to make their own mashups with different game genres.

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October 18, The short length is something that has been addressed in this follow-up — Magic Potion Destroyer. May 24, Over the weekend I finally had the chance to visit the fifth annual games festival known as BitSummit. Independent game developers from not just Japan but the entire world gather in Kyoto for this two day event, so there was a lot to see.

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March 25, This doujin take on the dungeon crawling adventure is actually a port of the third game in a January 22, The moe facade of this quirky doujin game hides a complex and often unforgiving strategy RPG. December 18, You can only save the universe or slay a god so many times, after all.

LiEat knows exactly what kind of tale it wants to tell and presents it with beautiful illustrations and charming dialogue. Where to start with the Tales series?

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Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is a big, beautiful letdown so far. Search Search for:. Like what you read? Recent Posts.

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Random Encounters.

Doujinshi games

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Doing the Doujinshi Thing, Part 1: Getting it Off the Ground