Breast expansion text game

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I've started a game about weightgain and breast expansion. It's all text based, no pictures nor audio since I have no abilities for either of them. Your female character is gaining or losing weight depending on how breast expansion text game filled her belly and satisfied her apetite. Jobs, special objects and events can be unlocked as well as a special NPC you can spend time with I don't really have a precise idea of what I'll be doing next so just tell me what you would like to see in that game with some restrictions though : no nudes, no sex, no gore : everything should be as soft as a belly.

Suggestions and feed-back welcome! I've added some new features. Your butt size will no longer change thanks to your sole weight. Some foods and medicine will help you give it the shape you want. It breast expansion text game now possible to decide what your fat will be prioritarly changed in : boobs? It's up to you! There's also some new events and a new job, and your body's description is more detailed.

The update is mostly about corrections, precisions, adding events and items, and some minor features. Foods have now more influence on which body part they will make grow. Your character can now buy a computer, in a very special website and maybe become famous and get fans, money, and gifts. And you can now store food at home for hard times I try to improve all body descriptions at every update, the progress might not be very obvious if you're considering step by step, but I think descriptions will get good enough when the game will finally be ready.

Added an "eating contest"a "let the public guess you size cup" game, and a "twerk battle". Added possibility to water bloat your friend's belly. Hard to find how she'll accept though. To be honest, not soon. The original French version is far from been finished Next update will include some fixes and enable you to go to the forest with your friend. I'm really busy since a few weeks so version 0.

Thanks for your interest! As a general result, the games start will be harder than before. It's actually pretty hard to pack a few pounds at first. But you will be able to rise up to extreme wealth and shapes if you're a good manager. Sadly for non-French speakers, it is not translated yet. English speakers can still play version 0. Log in Register.

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Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games. Body expansion text game fr-en A topic by parvinjaan created Feb 08, Views: 17, Replies: I don't really have a precise idea of what I'll be doing next so just tell me what you would like to see in that game with some restrictions though : no nudes, no sex, no gore : everything should be as soft as a belly ONLY IN FRENCH yet if you think it's worth translating and have some time to give it, it'd be a pleasure.

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Like Reply. You will also have breast expansion text game risk or being sick. All comments and ideas are very welcome! Added 39 in-game achievements. Added various small improvements: You can now choose your clothes and their colour. Most clothes must be unlocked, most colour have to be bought. Buy advertisement for your Curvyvids video. Possibility to reset achievements when starting a new game Medicine for growing up.

It'll take long to grow really big, but there's no height limit. Okay, this is actually pretty cool. Will there be an English version out soon? What can we expect in the next update and do you have a date for it? Here a little uptade: You can now go to the forest with your friend for some open air activities still in progress You will get a little feed-back about your clothing when you change.

You can choose some basic hair characteritics curly, straight, etcand change whenever you want through visiting the stylist. Your apetite will grow slower and food will fill you faster I'm still thinking about how to increase realism, so it'll probably change a few times again Some fixes Sorry for not having updated during such a long time, I'm super busy. And thank you all again for giving a meaning to my efforts! Version 0. Still no English version, French only, sorry.

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Fat repartition in your body has been totally recalculated, with the addition of one new variable for better realistic precision. Body parts' sizes are now better related in proportions with your height. Consequently, it should make it really possible to personalize your body if you know how to feed you well. You will no longer directly die from overeating, but will fell sick. Take care though, this sickness can be lethal. Your belly bloat will be reflected when looking in the mirror. You will now leave automatically the kitchen when unable to eat more. You can now choose the shape of your eyes.

Bug and text fixes.

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Sebastian 2 years ago. It is possible to loose weight. Or what do you mean? Kawakaze 1 year ago. Will more breast and ass size are going to be available in the future updates? Since it's been requested several times I'll probably add more sizes.

The biggest changes are: Stress level has been replaced by a well-being level, with more consequences. Houses : you will now start living in a tent, but may buy better places with time up to a real palace! Houses influence the of possible activities and cookable foods, and your well-being and security. Transport : breast expansion text game will now need to choose how you want to go to a place, which might lead to some juicy events Still not much developed, but it's a start.

Here are some minor features: You can now choose your skin colour You can now by swimsuits and hats If you have a swimsuit, you will be able to go to the swimming pool Your eating capacity has been decreased. You can no longer eat 3 times more than your appetite And your fullness points are replaced by a bar. Seasons : each season has a 6 day duration and influence the events Other fixes: Fixed : game breast expansion text game when taking a nap with Jasmine You now need at least a little intelligence to work on the lab.

When going for a walk, you will no longer be asked your friend's name each time you see her before you finally go speak to her. The first name you enter will remain. But you will be able to rise up to extreme wealth and shapes if you're a good manager Still no English translation. If one of you feel capable, contact me. Define your character through various questions when starting a game. This might gave you all kind of bonus stats or money or even more. City management: if you're famous and intelligent enough, you may be elected as your town's mayor!

It will lead you to take decisions that'll impact pollution, and people's average weight and cupsize. Adoption: if you're rich enough, you will be able to adopt a girl. Other changes: A pdf with most game features has been ed in the game folder. Achievements have been deleted because they need to be entirely remade.

Some backgrounds have been added. More to come in next versions. Update weight system. Just some minor changes that should make easier to loose weight. Some information about what to eat for making grow which body part have been placed here and there. It's up to you to find them! Default transport setting: you do not longer need to choose if you want to walk, ride a bike, or take public transport everytime you go to town.

Pollution: pollution will affect your health and your adopted child's growth. Become a mayor to reduce pollution. Statistics : you will be able to buy the company in charge of the town's statistics to know what the people average sizes are bmi and cupsize only Higher house prices but you can have a better house at start When loosing the game, you will no longer die but be sent to the hospital. You will now die at 80 years old. System corrections that should avoid translation issues Bug fixes Note that all saves from v0. This topic has been auto-archived and can no longer be posted in because there haven't been any posts in a while.

Breast expansion text game

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Breast Expansion Game