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I think that Armor Games are necessary Erotic games Who with me agrees?. I understand that here many children which are not present 10 years, but it is possible to put on these games age restriction Or without registration not to enter in general I hope to you my idea. Well one thing is that this should be in the Suggestion Forum, but anyways the way AG is set up if we allowed Adult games on this site the younger gamers can easily change their birth-date to meet that age restriction.

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I personally think it's a bad idea. Armor Games wants the overall gaming experience to be Teen Rated. Yes, there are some instances with gore, and minor sexual references, but we cannot have games that are Mature and Adult rated. It just wouldn't be good for the feel of it, you know?

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And you know what's going to happen if what Fyrefox said is true. This whole paternal confrontation will occur, and AG will be down in the dumps because of adult-rated games. Be like the rest and just go to to creepy ol' newgrounds, I am sure it'll have games you'll enjoy Without going too deep in the "erotism" subject and how it's handled today The age restriction would be a simple way to evade legal problems, like on other sites. Everyone has access to a huge amount of erotic games if you know where to put your hands on Please, it wasn't a double sense.

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What you would gain is Unless your connection speed is so low that it takes too much time to switch to another site. The loss would be big though, since people seem so scandalized by the obvious nature of the human being. Conclusion: No, it's not worth it. This has already been brought up before, and as other users have mentioned, not beneficial to AG. This thread is retarded. Erotic Games are for adults D'oh! And this site of overflowed with .

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Conclusion:Stupid idea. Ag company would even be demanded by the parents if they would put up those kind of games. End of this story.

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Armor games adult

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