Space escape porn game

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Nook » Mon May 06, am.

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Nook » Mon May 06, pm. Nook » Mon May 13, pm. Return to Non-Flash Projects. Advanced search. Forum rules This forum is for posting and collaborating upon third party work. Please do not post request-thre, and avoid posting artwork that is not your own unless it is being used as a reference. When posting content, please consider including a screenshot to help users to see what a game is like. Topic locked.

Re: Space Escape by Mr. Nook » Mon May 06, am urielmanx7 Wrote: Pram Wrote: urielmanx7 Wrote: Elaborate please, I don't hang around here too often so I'm kinda lost on what you meant. Nook: That'll be when you hit 10 posts. Prevents adbots from spamming members and all that good stuff. There's organized chaos, then there's normal chaos. And then there's miscellaneous chaos Nook » Mon May 06, pm Awesome thanks! So time for me to start placing my evaluations and such Re: Space Escape by Videl Lover » Tue May 07, am So the other day I came across a possible leaked gallery mode for this game on a website other than the blog and this site.

Course it could be fan made since this game has been out for a while. I can pm the link since I don't know if I can post links to other sites on here and if so I can edit this post and link it. Re: Space Escape by fivesteaks » Wed May 08, am Videl Lover Wrote: So the other day I came across a possible leaked gallery mode for this game on a website other than the blog and this site. Re: Space Escape by Videl Lover » Wed May 08, am fivesteaks Wrote: If it's truly a fan work then I'd say post it, if space escape porn game a blatant ripoff of the author's work without any credit then best to leave it alone.

From what i've seen its on both clitgames www. Nook » Mon May 13, pm Wow! Just took a quick check on that and damn it's pretty pitiful To what they will do to add new content to their site. That and the whole thing just doesn't friggin fit! But to be honest I really wouldn't known about this place if it wasn't for just browsing about one of those sites. It still doesn't make it right though.

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It's not a leaked game gallery. The one Uriel made is way better. This one is made by someone else without our consent. But I, personally, do not care about it. There is nothing we can do about it. And, seriously, I have this same problem with Project X sprites as well, because we find PX gifs in some places.

I don't understand why people do it. We create a game to be played, the hentai content is just a extra factor, but is not the main motive for you to go see the game. We want people to PLAY our games as well fap with it. If we just wanted to create sex scenes just for people to fap to it, we would'nt have bother to create a gameplay system, hunt for bugs and test out. Hell, we would be times easier create a gallery than create a game. I find those kind of stuff ofensive to the author effort in creating a game.

I pretty much told him that if the Sex was the only part he cared about, then he should avoid the game until it gets finished and do whatever little bit was required to get to the gallery. What it boils down to is this: Some people don't give a damn about the game, because all they're after is the sex aspect.

Its why simple flash games that involve a character being screwed and that's it seem to be rather popular. Its the whole instant gratification bit. They don't want to space escape porn game to take ten-fifteen minutes or more playing a game when all they want space escape porn game see is some fucking so they can fap to it. Its why on some of the places that have a relatively recent version of Shinboi Girl will also have the cheat codes hiding somewhere so you can type the cheat in and just go to the gallery.

If you're playing a porn game, then ultimately at one level or another you're looking for sex, or porn or something along those lines. It's one of the big problems the "Shinobi Girl" type games have, it incentivises failure. If the only sex scenes come when you mess up and you're there because you want the sex scenes, then the game is telling you to fail.

You're actively punished for your success. If you beat a level perfectly you have close to full HP and armour and get zero sex scenes. So then for people like me who want to enjoy the game as a game and also enjoy the sex scenes the reason they're playing a sex game you have to do stupid metagaming stuff like get balance how much you get raped with how much HP you'll need to finish the level.

It's silly and it feels silly doing it, I'm actively aiming to fail because my failure is rewarded while my success is punished. I have no interest in isntant gratification, I have no interest in instantly unlocking a gallery, I'm happy if after beating the game it does unlock a gallery of all the in game scenes I've probably missed because I was incentivised to miss them.

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But ultimately it seems to me like a core de problem. If you're making a sex game, and sex is the reward people want to earn, why not incentivise them for the sex? Re: Space Escape by Calpico » Fri May 17, am gonna address your post from specific quotes Kuragari Wrote: Plus, I'm playing a game, it shouldn't necessarily be easy to get to the sex scenes.

If all your their for is the porn factor, there's plenty of easier places to get your fix, such as videos and pictures. Kuragari Wrote: Besides, if the sex is the only thing your there for, then "failing" isn't really failing is it. Kuragari Wrote: Well, that's because the concept of the game is Run or Rape, and to be perfectly frank, I find some of my interest in the game stemming from the fact that you have to keep your character from getting raped.

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Anyway, I can't remember where I was going with all this, hope it makes sense to anyone PS: If you want, I could make it so you can only get gallery chips for killing enemies, so that way, losing on purpose won't give you anything Last edited by urielmanx7 on Fri May 17, am, edited 1 time in total. Re: Space Escape by Ikari N0 Tenshi » Fri May 17, am urielmanx7 Wrote: imagine a game with awesome gameplay as Dark Souls yes, I'm STILL playing it, I think I've become addicted to dienow imagine they threw sex in there, space escape porn game the octopus on Lost Izalith raped you instead of killing you, you'll really lose the pace of the game if everytime you screw you got raped, so, basically, you either play for the sake of playing, or you play to watch the sex PS: If you want, I could make it so you can only get gallery chips for killing enemies, so that way, losing on purpose won't give you anything Re: Space Escape by cookie jar » Sat May 18, am I second the idea of gallery chips for defeating enemies.

I hate to play bad on purpose. If you stumble across any typos, you may keep them and rear new ones in your basement. Re: Space Escape by Calpico » Sat May 18, am urielmanx7 Wrote: PS: If you want, I could make it so you can only get gallery chips for killing enemies, so that way, losing on purpose won't give you anything

Space escape porn game

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